Independent Adjudicators

WUDC 2018

Applying to be an Independent Adjudicator at WUDC México 2018

Worlds cannot happen without high quality judges, and we are immensely grateful to all those who apply for Independent Adjudicator positions at WUDC México 2018.

  • Round 1: 12.01am CDT Monday June 26th – 11.59pm CST Wednesday July 12th - *OPEN NOW*
  • Round 2: 12.01am CDT Monday August 7th – 11.59pm CST Wednesday August 23rd
  • Round 3: 12.01am CDT Monday September 18th – 11.59pm CST Wednesday October 4th

  • Applicants will be emailed with the results of their applications approximately two weeks after the end of each round. An application’s outcome can be in one of four broad categories:
    1. No attendance – owing to capacity constraints, the applicant will not be able to come to WUDC as an Independent Adjudicator, even if they pay all of their own costs. They will still be able to attend as an institutional adjudicator.
    2. No funding – the applicant will need to pay all registration fees and all their travel costs in full.
    3. Registration waiver – the applicant will not need to pay the full (or potentially any) registration fee, but will need to pay all their travel costs.
    4. Travel subsidy + registration waiver – the applicant will not need to pay any registration fee, and will receive a (full or partial) subsidy towards their travel costs. Subsidies will be paid in person at WUDC, and receipts will need to be provided to the Finance team for all travel expenses requiring reimbursement.

    The application consists of a Google Form , and should take 30-45 minutes. The form comprises four short sections: personal information, judging experience, debating experience and a 10-15 minute multiple-choice test. Applicants should follow the instructions on the form, and reach out to with any questions.

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